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Cymryd Rhan

Cymryd Rhan is a rapidly growing organisation that helps people to live active, independent lives by providing whatever support they need. Cymryd Rhan operates throughout Wales with a highly mobile team who need immediate access to information at any time. Information held includes confidential medical and personal data so secure systems have always been a must.

Previously the organisation operated from fixed servers based in their Llandrindod Wells HQ. Although the service was fine for users in the same building, remote workers had problems reliably accessing the information they needed in the field. As Cymryd Rhan is charity with limited funding there was no capital budget available to carry out the much needed upgrades to the fileservers, communications and old desktop PC's.

To solve these problems Cymryd Rhan became one of our first Private Cloud customers enabling immediate access to all their systems from any location. Users can login to their "Virtual Desktop" from any Internet connected device to access databases, internal systems and documents without any of the traditional "remote working delay". Managers can easily change permissions enabling them to rapidly redeploy team members to new roles and all users have access to the latest software versions. As an added bonus the old PC's received a new lease of life and the entire project was delivered without downtime or any capital expenditure.

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What our clients say...

"The move to the private cloud provided by c, especially for technophobes like us!!"

Cymryd Rhan